Stick Man Live in Dubai
Stick Man Live in Dubai

Stick Man Live in Dubai

Family, Kids, Musical

The popular Stick Man musical comes to Dubai - Kids be there!
SynopsisMadinat Theatre brings in some puppetry, songs, live music and funky moves!

This is a delightful adaptation of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler`s most popular children`s book Stick Man!

Stick Man Musical is a fun-filled adventurous tale of a stick man who lives with his Stick Lady love and their three Stick Children. Unknowingly the Stick man gets taken away from his family tree and the world outside is dangerous. A number of exciting events follow when the Stick Man goes for a jog - a dog wants to play fetch with him, a swan builds a nest with him, he is used as a flag pole, a snowman`s arm and even get a close brush with fire as firewood. With all this, will the stick man ever get back to his family tree?

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Contact: +971 4 3666546

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