Omar Khairat Live in Dubai
Omar Khairat Live in Dubai

Omar Khairat Live in Dubai

Arabic Music, Opera

The iconic Egyptian composer returns to Dubai Opera for the second year in a row!
SynopsisGet ready for another fabulous musical night at Dubai Opera with the greatest composer of all times!

The great Omar Khairat accompanied by his incredible orchestra, will perform live at Dubai Opera on December 22. Presented by Talent House Events, the award-winning pianist, composer, conductor and founder of the opera group - Omar Khairat`s Group promises to deliver a touching performance in his exceptional and distinctive style. The critically acclaimed artists` musical influences range from European and African to traditional jazz and blues.

Some of his successful work includes, `The Fortune-teller`, `The Magic Perfumes`, and the `Arab Rhapsody`. His work also consists of music for international events like the National Feast of Oman 1993, the Inauguration Ceremony of Bibliotheca Alexandrina 1996, Carthage Festival, Tunisia, Operetta El Sheikh Zaid, Emirates 2000, cinema repertoires like `The Sixth Day`, `1984`, `Am Ahmed Case`, `The Execution of a Dead Man`, `A Divorced Woman` and many more.

The legend will take you on an unforgettable journey of music and passion as he brings his beautiful sounds and symphonies to your city.

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Contact: +971 4 4408888

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