George`s Marvellous Medicine
George`s Marvellous Medicine

George`s Marvellous Medicine


A brilliant play for all Roald Dahl fans!
SynopsisGeorge`s Marvellous Medicine is a fun and entertaining play both for the kids as well as the adults. The story of this play revolves around a little boy named George, who lives with his parents and his bully, grumpy grandmother. One day when George is in charge of his grandma, he decides to teach her a lesson. Instead of giving her normal medicine, he decides to make one of his own, which gives extraordinary results.

Produced by The Birmingham Stage Company, the show is adapted on stage by the award-winning children`s theatre director, David Wood OBE. This popular production has been a complete sell-out four times on previous occasions in the UAE. And, the 5th edition is going to be massive as ever!

Watch this play for the amazing sets and characters such as the growing grandmother, gigantic farm animals, along with Roald Dahl songs and rhymes which will be a delight for the fans.

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