Aakash Odedra - JeSuis
Aakash Odedra - JeSuis

Aakash Odedra - JeSuis


Watch the beautiful work of the award-winning artist -Aakash Odedra.
SynopsisA new ensemble work choreographed by Aakash Odedra exploring the relevance of a life in conflict.

#JeSuis brings the lens upon a group of dancers whose place in the world is presented by the media as unwanted neighbours, countries where human catastrophes are a daily given.

Aakash Odedra has developed #JeSuis with a group of Turkish dancers he met in Istanbul. It is inspired by their collective responses to misinterpretations of their motherland by the media. Wrapped up in wider issues of displacement, refuge, and instability, both politically and geographically, it portrays their frustrations of life in a homeland that doesnt know the meaning of home anymore. A place where people keep struggling for a sense of peace; where freedoms/choices are becoming luxury and the main hope is to be safe.

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