Zumba Master Class with Beto Perez
Zumba Master Class with Beto Perez 2015

Zumba Master Class with Beto Perez

Dance, Fitness

An experience, the likes of which has not been witnessed before in the Middle East.
SynopsisDance, fitness, fun and much more with the creator, the legend, Beto Perez!

Get your treat! Middle East gets lucky as for the very first time all the crazy Zumba fans get a chance to learn from the man himself, the founder of the fitness movement. A two-hour high-energy Zumba master class session with Perez and his dancers featuring the Latin and international music workout. Be there for an exciting Zumba Fitness party which is open to men and women of all ages and groups.
The fitness party includes fat-blasting workout, muscle toning, aerobic drills and flexibility exercises. Enjoy live DJ, giveaways and more!

Abandon yourselves great rhythm, music and stay fit while you enjoy the exciting Zumba!
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