The 2014 International Festival Of Falconry
The 2014 International Festival Of Falconry 2015

The 2014 International Festival Of Falconry

Conference, Culture, Festival

500 falconers from 80 countries descend on Abu Dhabi!
SynopsisHosted by The Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee, Abu Dhabi, the third edition of the International Festival of Falconry will run from December 7 to 10 at the Falconers` Camp.

Attracting over hundreds of falconers, experts, researchers and other representatives from UNESCO and other international organisations, the festival talks about promotion and preservation of the heritage of falconry and the protection of the environment.

A unique opportunity for dialogue, interaction, and open exchange of expertise among falconers and those interested in falconry. Explore and understand diverse falconry traditions of the world and gain practical knowledge about the experience of desert life.

The falconers spend three days with their birds of prey where they practice the different traditions of falconry. Specialised scientific, art, and cultural exhibitions and splendid folklore performances, depict falconry traditions in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Japan, China, Eastern Asia, and the United Sates.
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