Reebok Spartan Race Presented by X-Dubai
Reebok Spartan Race Presented by X-Dubai 2015

Reebok Spartan Race Presented by X-Dubai

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A challenging running race with many obstacles comes to Dubai.
SynopsisAre you ready to be a Spartan warrior? The Reebok Spartan Race presented by X-Dubai is coming to city with mind-boggling challenges and obstacles to entertain the crowd and the participants.

This unique and amazing race will see over two million competitors coming from 21 countries to participate in this race. This year, the race will have Spartan Sprint, which is a 5 km run with over 15 obstacles, overcoming multiple terrains and a number of other physically challenging hurdles.

Moreover, there will be a Junior Race too for 4-15 year of children. Along with the heady competition, there will be live entertainment, food and beverages arranged for the spectators and the Spartans!
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