Dubai Camel Racing Season 2014-2015
Dubai Camel Racing Season 2014-2015 2015

Dubai Camel Racing Season 2014-2015

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The desert kings are back - watch them Live in action!
SynopsisHave you seen them running? The Camels!!! They will blow your mind....something that you won`t see anywhere else in the world!

Dubai`s camel racing championship is back with another interesting season. This is one of the oldest tradition of the UAE! The Marmoum Camel Racing Championship is being held in six different categories, beginning with the Marmoum Introductory Races followed by the Olders Distinction and Habilitation, the Youngs Distinction and Habilitation and the Hagaga Habilitation. There are 19 total camel racing events this season.

October 2014 to April 2015 - Come and experience one of the best sporting festival of the UAE!

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