Adrenagy Training Camp for Youth
Adrenagy Training Camp for Youth 2015

Adrenagy Training Camp for Youth

Children, Summer Camp

An interactive and fun summer camp for your kids.
SynopsisSummer is the perfect time for kids to indulge in some extra-curricular activities, and keeping this in mind, the Adrenagy Training Camp for Youth is being organized.

This training camp is a great platform for kids to take part in a range of activities during the summer and enjoy their time as well. Every child of appropriate age groups will be getting exposure to various types of training, which will include interactive and interesting sessions such as:

- Mixed marital arts
- Functional training
- Self defence
- Hip hop Dance Choreography
- Kick boxing
- Parkour
- Strength training
- Muay Thai
- Educational interactive classes
- Group games
- Health awareness interactive lectures by doctors

Come and register your kids in this special, interactive summer camp.

Contact: +971 56 3885055
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