Abu Dhabi 3X3 BasketBall Tour 2015
Abu Dhabi 3X3 BasketBall Tour 2015 2015

Abu Dhabi 3X3 BasketBall Tour 2015

Basket Ball, Tournament

The urban basketball game hits the town!
SynopsisGet pumped up by this exciting, urban and innovative 3x3 basketball game. This event is inspired from few of the distinct forms of street-ball that is played worldwide.

This sport event is organized by FIBA (International Basketball Federation), and will have two teams of three players each to have a face-off on a half basketball court. The first game of 3x3 basketball game was successfully played on the international level at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Since then, this format of the game has gained loads of support from across the globe, becoming one of the most popular urban team sport with over 250 million players.

There are four age categories in the event:
Under 12 boys and girls
Under 14 boys and girls
Under 18 boys and girls
Open (Over 18) men and women

Contact: 971 56 6873388
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