Sharjah Science Museum
Sharjah Science Museum

Sharjah Science Museum

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Have fun while you discover and learn science!
SynopsisHaven`t you visited the Sharjah Science Museum? This is the first ever interactive museum of Sharjah which makes learning interesting and enjoyable for all ages. Set in an innovative learning environment, it aims to promote interest and creativity while engaging the audience in various magic shows, space shows and physics-related shows.

The museum has more than 50 interactive displays for children as well as adults. It enhances the knowledge and upgrades the audience`s know-how about science and technology. The museum comprises of three exhibiting halls, a science lab and a computer lab that are well equipped and conduct various workshops for different age groups. It inspires the audience with its shows and display, in a way bringing science to life. You can also participate in various demonstrations and plays and learn it your way.

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Contact: +971 6 5668777

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