Try Paintball...Your chance to avenge your biggest enemy!
SynopsisNothing gets thrilling and adventurous than trying different paintball activities at Al Forsan International Sports Resort. Paintball gives you a dose of adrenaline where you are armed with heavy guns and marble-sized capsules of paint. You can come along with maximum 40 friends as you play in huge groups; there are two groups and you shoot at the members of the rival group.

There are huge themed areas to carry-out paintball activities like Wild West, WWII Pacific Island and Tournament field. All the games get highly interesting and exciting every time you play! You can play as many rounds or games as you want until you run out of energy. Once you`re in the field see to it that you are wearing your face mask, especially to protect your eyes from the paint and a thick foam breastplate.

This sport is best for office teams as this is the only chance to shoot your boss! If you love challenging and thrilling games then this one is for you!

Contact: +971 2 5568555

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