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Every adventure begins with some imagination and fun.
SynopsisA safe, unique and very realistic educational environment for kids and their parents. Located at Downtown Dubai, Kidzania is the place for you and your child to make beautiful memories together. A miniature city that is specially designed for kids (4 - 16 years) and their parents.

KidZania is a recreation center `EDUTAINMENT` that educates your kid within an entertaining and relaxing environment. A replica of a real city, the city consists of roads, buildings, retail and a wide range of vehicles that run around the city. It is a complete city that has a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, supermarket, theater, radio station, television station and much more. With all facilities, the city is `just right` for children.

At Kidzania, children can role-play various professions, take up jobs and get paid, just like the real world. For example, being a doctor, pilot, construction workers, private detectives, archaeologists, F1 driver and others.This will help them gain educational, psychological and motivational benefits, allowing them to understand and develop psycho-motor development, emotional development, cognitive development and social development.

This unique concept allows children to take the initiative and do whatever they want to do, while they learn to be responsible and creative. Parents/guardians can be a part of the audience in the theater and TV stations, watch the activities and achievements of their children.

Children get to use the official currency, KidZos, and learn about the profession. They also learn to appreciate the value of money by choosing the profession that they want.

Contact: +971 4 4485222

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