Jebel Ali Shooting Club
Jebel Ali Shooting Club

Jebel Ali Shooting Club


Have a blast at the shooting range.
SynopsisJebel Ali Shooting Club is an indoor and outdoor shooting academy, built with an impressive fortress-like architecture. The sport can be pursued by beginners as well as experienced shooters. It is located near the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, which is a 15-minute drive away from the Dubai Marina.

Facilities include:

Clay Shooting: The five floodlit clay shooting ranges are equipped to cater to the following;

Olympic Trap: There are five shooting stations with a set of three trap machines throwing targets at 70 - 75 metres for each station. Six shooters can start as a squad and keep on taking their turns clockwise on each station.

Shooting 3 Automatic Ball Trap: A simpler version of Olympic trap, where only one trap machine is used. Target variation for vertical and horizontal movement is obtained by continuous oscillation of the machine. Six shooters can start at one time.

Down the Line: An entry level discipline to get progression to Olympic trap. A single trap is used to throw target to distance of 45-50 metres at a fixed height of approximately 2.75 metres and horizontal spread of 22 degrees from the centre of the throwing machine.

Compak Sporting: It is a smaller version of international and English sporting, where some extra trap machines are installed out of skeet layout and then variation in target angles are done thus creating simulation of field hunting shots on all five shooting stations.

Shooting 1 Olympic Skeet: This discipline is shot at eight shooting stations on a semi circle and one in the middle with two houses (high and low) at both ends of the semi circle.

Contact: +971 4 8836555

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