Gravity Zone
Gravity Zone

Gravity Zone


Take a leap, it`s time to bungee!
SynopsisIts bungee jumping and its in Dubai!

Gravity Zone brings you an amazing adrenaline adventure. All it takes is one step and off you go... Feel the air rush past your face and watch the ground rush up. Feel the bungee stretch and fling you upward. All you need to do is take a leap of faith. Located at the Power Play football pitches, Dubai, Gravity Zone offers bungee jumps for adults of all ages (kids too!). Just make sure that you fulfill the medical conditions that are needed, and you can have the thrill of a lifetime.

So that is all you need! Bungee!

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Contact: +971 56 3647997

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Power Play Football+

Opposite Dubai Bowling Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, UAE

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