Emirates Park Zoo
Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo


Take a ride in the wild at the Emirates Park Zoo!
SynopsisWith its mission to save and protect the wildlife and their natural habitat, Emirates Park Zoo is the perfect venue to have fun, discover, get adventurous, and learn about the wildlife. The colorful birds, animals, and reptiles make it a very happening and lively place.

Kids get a chance to touch, feed, pet, and interact with the animals at the zoo. Visitors can meet the animals at different places: Domestic Section, Flamingo Park, Bird Park, Ocean Park, Giraffe Park, Wildlife Park, Primate Section, Reptile Park, and Snake Alley. The natural environment assures that the visitors have a great time here and develop some wonderful and everlasting memories.

Special experiences that you can`t miss:

Get up close and learn about some Asian Elephants.

Watch the sea lion performing ball juggling tricks, break dance moves and flipper handstands.

Kids can hold falcons or the Pharaoh Eagle Owl and feed the 4 reticulated Giraffes.

Watch amazing animal and human magic show. On weekends, learn the art of drumming from Africa`s Azonto Team. Watch the zoo staff interacting with two Siberian Tiger Clubs. See 2 Nile crocodiles be fed every Friday at 4 pm.

There are many interesting and educational activities designed for kids like growing plants and much more.

Contact: +971 2 5010000

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