Bounce Dubai
Bounce Dubai

Bounce Dubai


Bounce like never before...trampoline jumping!
SynopsisIt doesn`t get anymore thrilling and adventurous! Get ready to fly in the air and jump off the walls, as Bounce Dubai is all set for you to have an unique experience. A perfect fun zone where you jump, bounce, get sporty and enjoy every activity that you do. As everyone loves trampolines, there are over 100 interconnected trampolines and 500 square meters of padding and foam to land on. So master your trampoline skills and watch out for some guaranteed fun!

There are five activity areas:

Free Jumping - You get a chance to fly high in the air and create your own free-style jumping lines as you leap from tramp to tramp.

Dodgeball - This one is far more interesting and fun-filled; two teams jumping around throw soft bowling balls; dodge balls at each other

Big Bag It is a massive soft air bag in a five foot deep pit with a foam pad at the bottom that includes the most basic thrill of flying through the air

Performance Trampolines -This area helps participants upgrade their trampoline skills as they are pursuing advanced performances around sports

Mini Bounce - A special activity area for kids & toddlers aged 3 to 5

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Contact: +971 4 3211400

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