Al Ain Zoo
Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo


Visit one of the UAE`s best zoos, and rediscover nature and its creations.
SynopsisHome to over 4,000 animals, Al Ain Zoo promises a fun-filled, adventurous and learning day out in the natural environment for all the age groups. Its huge and diverse collection of animals, birds and reptiles makes the place one of the largest zoos in the world. There are many green public spaces for picnics and also playgrounds, a cafeteria and a train tour of the wildlife area.

A perfect family destination where you get to discover the zoo`s wildlife, especially the large animals. The zoo`s main aim is to save the endangered species and their habitats and they make it possible with education, research, and various conservation programmes. Birds like falcons, eagles, owls and vultures showcase their thrilling flying and hunting skills in an engaging show. Get to know about some interesting stories and facts about the animals at the zoo. There`s a special children`s play area and zoo where they can have all the fun, see their favourite animals, pet them and learn about their lifestyle.

You can see the young and cute animals which are born or hatched throughout the year. The zoo organizes various exhibitions that enable the viewers to see exotic animals and birds. Special events, activities and much more await you!

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Contact: +971 3 7992000

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