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Zarafa  (G)


1 hr 18 mins
A young boy sets out on a beautiful journey with a giraffe.
Release Date26 Feb, 2015
DirectorRemi Bezancon, Jean Christophe Lie
WriterAlexander Abela, Remi Bezancon
Cast & CrewMax Renaudin Pratt, Simon Abkarian, Francois Xavier Demaison
SynopsisZarafa is a French animated film, directed by Rmi Bezanon and Jean-Christophe Lie.

The story of the film starts with a grandfather narrating a story to their grand kids. It is the story of a young boy Maki, who breaks away from the hands of slave traders and begins his own expedition. On his way, he befriends a giraffe (Zarafa), and takes on a very enlightening and fruitful journey from Africa to Paris.