You Are Still The One
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You Are Still The One  (TBC)

Filipino Romance

2 hrs
It is all about choosing your right love.
Release Date11 Jun, 2015
DirectorChris Martinez
Cast & CrewDennis Trillo,Maja Salvador,Richard Yap
SynopsisYou Are Still The One is a romantic movie of two college friends Ellise and Jojo that takes place over a period of time. One day, Jojo tries to woo Ellise, but in vain. Years later, the two meet again and spark fly between the two. However, this time Ellise get her heart broken when she comes to that Jojo is getting married. They decide to stay friends, but deep inside their feelings for each other becomes stronger. Later when Ellise meets Vincent, she must choose her right love.

Starring Dennis Trillo, Maja Salvador and Richard Yapx, this film is a perfect weekend entertainer, and will make you feel all mushy and romantic from inside.