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Yaan  (TBC)

Tamil Action, Thriller

2 hrs 45 mins
A complete action-packed thriller for all Tamil movie fans in the UAE
Release Date5 Feb, 2015
DirectorRavi K. Chandran
WriterRavi K. Chandran
Cast & CrewJiiva,Thulasi Nair,Nassar,Prakash Raj
SynopsisThe film follows the lives of a young couple. Chandru, an unemployed MBA graduate, lives a carefree life with his friends in Mumbai. On the other hand, Sreela is a young driving instructor living with her father, a retired army officer. The two accidentally run into each other amidst a shootout between cops and terrorists.

Chandru saves Srila and soon the two fall for each other. Their love-story starts facing too many problems when Srila`s father rejects Chandru due to his jobless status. After great struggle to get a job, he eventually gets one in a Middle East nation where he is caught in a conspiracy. His fight to get out of this forms the rest of the story.