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Wolves  (15+)

English Action, Horror

1 hr 30 mins
A young boy is forced to hunt down the truths of his ancestry.
Release Date30 Oct, 2014
DirectorDavid Hayter
WriterDavid Hayter
Cast & CrewJason Momoa, Lucas Till, John Pyper-Ferguson
SynopsisCayden Richards, 18, has a perfect life until one night when he wakes to find his parents brutally murdered. He is horrified to realize that he is turning into an animal - a wild, savage wolf.
Fighting for life, Cayden begins to find out what is happening to him. His search leads him to an isolated town of Lupine Ridge, where two clans of wolves are on the brink of war.

However, when Cayden falls for Angelina, a battle to the death is inevitable! While finding the truth, the history, Cayden`s place in the world becomes clearer -- He now has the power to put an end to the savage violence building up around, and within him...