We`ll Never Have Paris
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We`ll Never Have Paris  (18 )

English Comedy, Romance

1 hr 35 mins
A neurotic man travels to Paris in search of the woman he always wanted.
Release Date15 Jan, 2015
DirectorSimon Helberg,Jocelyn Towne
WriterSimon Helberg
Cast & CrewMelanie Lynskey,Geoffrey Cantor,Nancy Marlowe Gordon
SynopsisWe`ll Never Have Paris is a film about a hyper-neurotic man Quinn Berman, played by The Big Bang Theory guy Simon Helberg who is also going through a major quarter-life crisis. Due to a harmless eye condition, he happens to screw up his marriage proposal that comes from her co-worker and the only love-of-his-life. Soon he realizes his mistake and sets off the City of Love, Paris to win back his lady love. Will he be successful in his voyage?

Directed by Simon Helberg himself, along with Jocelyn Towne, this romantic comedy will be a perfect movie for a nice lovely weekend. This movie also stars Melanie Lynskey as the female lead, also with Zachary Quinto, Maggie Grace, Jason Ritter and Alfred Molina.