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Welaane  (TBC)

Arabic Action

1 hr 42 mins
An edge-of-the-seat suspense drama
Release Date23 Feb, 2017
DirectorElie F. Habib
WriterClaude Saliba
Cast & CrewMaguy Bou Ghosn,Carlos Azar,Shukran Murtaja
SynopsisWelaane revolves around the life of Samar (Maguy Bou Ghosn) and her two brothers, a group of bandit outlaws. They make their living by conducting armed robberies and thefts. Their lives change when they agree to volunteer in the Civil Defense, in order to execute a robbery. During the mission, Samar falls in love with the Chief of the Civil Defense (Carlos Azar), which leads to a series of unpredictable events.