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Warda  (18 )

Arabic Drama, Horror

1 hr 15 mins
A perfect horror film for this weekend!
Release Date13 Nov, 2014
DirectorHadi El Bagoury
WriterMohamed Hefzy
Cast & CrewSomiah El Alfy,Farouk Hashem,Samira Magroun,Abeer Mansour,Bassel Mohamed El Kady
SynopsisDirected by Hadi El Bagoury, the film stars Somiah El Alfy, Farouk Hashem, Samira Magroun, Abeer Mansour, Bassel Mohamed El Kady. The is the first Egyptian found-footage film based on true events.

The story follows a video blogger, who returns to his Egyptian Countryside home to document and investigate strange happenings that have been disturbing his family since the death of his father.