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Vitamin  (PG-15)

Arabic Comedy

2 hrs
An adventurous tale that changes the life of three poor girls in a village!
Release Date5 Feb, 2015
DirectorElie F. Habib
WriterClaude Saliba
Cast & CrewMaguy Bou Ghosn, Carlos Azar, Shukran
SynopsisVitamin tells a story about three girls who reside in a remote and poor village, leading a monotonous life. However, one fine day these girls decide to change their destiny by planning to rob a truck, which is assumed to have loaded with cash! But what they find inside of this truck changes the life of these three girls, along with the village for ever. What is that thing inside the truck? Well, for that watch this amazing comedy film Vitamin, starring Maguy Bou Ghosn, Carlos Azar, Shukran in lead roles.