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Varsham  (18 )

Malayalam Drama

2 hrs 30 mins
Another great film featuring superstar Mammootty!
Release Date6 Nov, 2014
DirectorRanjit Shankar
WriterRanjit Shankar
Cast & CrewMammootty,Asha Sharath,Mamtha Mohandas,Sudheer Karamana,Sunil Sukhada,Sarayu,Irshad
SynopsisWhen his own friends turn against him...

Story about a simpleton, Venu, who returns to Kerala after working for a long time in the Gulf. Here, he starts a finance company, Anand Finance and earns success due to his honest working style and methods. But this affects other companies and creates problems for Venu. His friends turn into foes!

How will Venu deal with all this forms the rest of the story!