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English Drama

1 hr 52 mins
The inspirational and iconic true story of Robyn Davidson.
Release Date8 May, 2014
Cast & CrewAdam Driver, Mia Wasikowska, Emma Booth
SynopsisCharismatic young New Yorker and National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan travelled from the other end of the earth to capture, at intervals, this epic and remarkable journey into one of the worlds last great wildernesses. Robyn reluctantly agreed to be a visiting photographer in return for much-needed trip funding and could only see Rick`s visits as intruding on her solitude and compromising everything the journey meant to her. However, this uneasy relationship between two very different people would slowly develop into an unlikely and enduring friendship.

Set against one of the wildest, most dangerous and most breathtaking backdrops on the planet, this unprecedented journey pushed Robyn to her physical and emotional limits and taught her that sometimes we have to detach from the world to feel connected to it. In witnessing this extraordinary journey we realise that the impossible is within reach of us all.