Tinkerbelle: The Legend of Neverbeast
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Tinkerbelle: The Legend of Neverbeast  (G)

English Adventure, Animation, Family

1 hr 40 mins
Fairy Fawn is in a quest to save her new friend Neverbeast in her fairyland.
Release Date1 Jan, 2015
DirectorSteve Loter
Cast & CrewGinnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu, Mae Whitman, Rosario Dawson
SynopsisBased on the very famous character Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie`s Peter and Wendy comes another animated wonder, Tinkerbell: The Legend of Neverbeast.

When fairy Fawn befriends a huge and mysterious creature Neverbeast, her friends do not approve. They are not sure about this scary addition to their Pixie Hollow. However, when the elite scout fairies come out to capture this monster, Fawn takes the leap of faith and tries to save the Neverbeast.

Will she be successful in her journey? Watch it to find out.