The Trials Of Cate McCall
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The Trials Of Cate McCall  

English Drama

1 hr 29 mins
A highly engaging courtroom drama!
Release Date16 Oct, 2014
DirectorKaren Moncrieff
WriterKaren Moncrieff
Cast & CrewKate Beckinsale, Clancy Brown, James Cromwell
SynopsisCate McCall has never lost a case, will she win this time too?

Story of Cate McCall, a disgraced lawyer, gets a second chance in life! Cate McCall is behind the bars for some reason and is assigned to defend Lacey, who has been wrongly accused of killing another woman. Cate McCall used to be a hot shot lawyer, and must prove a convicted killer innocent on appeal in order to get reinstated at the bar and win back her daughter`s custody.

The story gets more interesting.... soon, Cate gathers maximum evidences to win the case as well as win back her career, but the tables turn around when McCall uncovers shocking evidence of corruption within the police department, and realizes she is in mortal danger.