The Three Heroes and the Egyptian Princess
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The Three Heroes and the Egyptian Princess  (G)

Russian Animation

1 hr 20 mins
Releasing across the UAE cinemas on 4th Jan.
Release Date4 Jan, 2018
DirectorKonstantin Feoktistov
WriterAlexander Boyarsky, Svetlana Sachenko
SynopsisOn New Year`s Eve, while the Prince prepares to give a solemn speech, and Julius unpacks gifts and watches the preparation of the festive table, the warriors go to visit Alyosha, and meet a strange friend named Durilo. It turns out that this is the thirteenth month, which is especially unnecessary for anyone, and who is trying to fulfill his cherished desire to become the most important month of the year. Only he needs to pretend to be Father Frost, to show gullible Alyosha a couple of tricks, to make friends with the heroes and to be in Egypt - the country of pharaohs and ancient pyramids
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