The Signal
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The Signal  (TBC)

English Sci-Fi, Thriller

1 hr 37 mins
Three college students and a super-thrilling road trip... it`s a signal!
Release Date20 Nov, 2014
DirectorWilliam Eubank
WriterWilliam Eubank,Carlyle Eubank
Cast & CrewBrenton Thwaites,Olivia Cooke,Beau Knapp
SynopsisThree MIT students - Nic, Jonah and Haley, are on a road trip, to track down the computer genius / hacker - NOMAD, who nearly got them expelled from the college. During their stay in a hotel, they discover that NOMAD, has found their location and is threatening them with strange and ominous emails. When the trio try to track down the hacker, they find themselves entangled in another mysterious world filled with science, fiction, darkness and danger.....what`s gonna be their end?