The Seasoning House
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The Seasoning House  (18 )

English Horror, Thriller

1 hr 30 mins
Debutant director Paul Hyett presents an inspiring story of a young deaf and mute fighter.
Release Date11 Dec, 2014
DirectorPaul Hyett
WriterPaul Hyett
Cast & CrewRosie Day,David Lemberg,Sean Pertwee
SynopsisInnocence is not lost, its taken....the film follows Angel, a young deaf and mute girl, who is forced to work in `The Seasoning House` where kidnapped young girls are forced into prostitution. These girls are being supplied to various military personnel.

First used as an unwilling sex slave, Angel, is then forced to become the assistant of the brothel`s owner Viktor. Her job is to put makeup and drug the abducted victims and once they are brutally raped by a group of violent men, she is suppose to clean them.

One day, when the heartless soldiers rape and kill her friend, she decides to take revenge for her killing and fight for the survival of remaining girls in the brothel.