The Right Kind of Wrong
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The Right Kind of Wrong  (18 )

English Comedy, Romance

1 hr 37 mins
Ryan Kwanten to charm you, in his own romantic style :)
Release Date27 Nov, 2014
DirectorJeremiah S. Chechik
WriterMegan Martin,Tim Sandlin
Cast & CrewRyan Kwanten,Sara Canning,Ryan McPartlin
SynopsisAn interesting rom-com tale about a romantic fearless dreamer, a failed writer, a dishwasher, and a celebrity for ``being wrong``!

Leo Palamino (Ryan Kwanten) is a stubborn romantic and idealist, who has dedicated his life to what many may call impossible dreams.

He is a newly divorced from a woman who started a blog on him ``Why You Suck`` - how horrible he was as a husband. The blog becomes an instant hit, making him infamous. Leo, who is also failed writer, works as a dishwasher in a busy restaurant and loves his job immensely. One afternoon, he meets Colette, the girl of his dreams, on her wedding to another ``right`` man...

The ultimate story begins now!!! Leo sets out to show Colette and the whole world all that is right with a man famous for being wrong.