The Prince
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The Prince  (18+)

English Action, Crime

1 hr 35 mins
Patric will have to return to the crime world!
Release Date2 Oct, 2014
DirectorBrian A Miller
WriterAndre Fabrizio
Cast & CrewJason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack
SynopsisPaul, a widowed father and a former retired assassin discovers that his college-age daughter Beth has gone missing. With the help of her school friend, he soon finds himself confronting an array of bad guys. The hunt eventually leads to a drug dealer, The Pharmacy, who has been supplying his daughter with heroin.

The story takes a new twist when he comes to know that the real bad guy is Omar, a crime boss whose wife and young daughter were accidentally killed by Paul years ago. Omar sets out to avenge his family`s killer. Paul is certainly forced to go back into the life he gave up, to defeat his old rival and save his daughter.