The Hunted
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The Hunted  (PG-15)

English Thriller

1 hr 29 mins
The directorial debut of American actor Josh Stewart!
Release Date4 Nov, 2014
DirectorJosh Stewart
WriterJosh Stewart
Cast & CrewJosh Stewart,Skipp Sudduth,Katherine Von Till
SynopsisThe dream of their hunting show....should be fulfilled or it might turn into a disaster!

To get fame, Jake and Stevie decide to film a pilot for a hunting show deep in a secluded forest. Jake goes to lengths to ensure that nothing fails their task, spoil their hunt or ruin the film.

But they are truly not welcome in the forest! Despite all the safety measurements, things go awry and they find that their dreams of stardom are shattered with malfunctioning equipment, strange occurrences and many more dangers.

Is there anything more sinister in the secluded mountains of West Virginia?