The House Of Magic (3D)
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The House Of Magic (3D)  (G)

English Animation

1 hr 30 mins
A perfect animated-fantasy movie for the kids.
Release Date9 Apr, 2015
DirectorJeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen
WriterBen Stassen, James Flynn
Cast & CrewCinda Adams, George Babbit, Murray Blue
SynopsisHouse of Magic is a story of an abandoned cat named Thunder who is out on seeking a shelter from a storm. He then stumbles upon a strange house, which happens to be the home of a retired illusionist. The house is inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. However, the man`s nephew is all set to sell his magical home, and the cat with his new friends join the forces to stop him? Will Thunder will be successful in this?

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