The Gambler
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The Gambler  (18 )

English Crime, Drama, Thriller

1 hr 51 mins
A good story-line with some great performances
Release Date5 Feb, 2015
DirectorRupert Wyatt
WriterWilliam Monahan
Cast & CrewJohn Goodman,Mark Wahlberg,Jessica Lange,Brie Larson,Michael K. Williams
SynopsisFeaturing an amazing star-cast that includes Academy Award-nominee Mark Wahlberg and Academy Award-winner Jessica Lange, the film revolves around Jim Bennett a risk taker.

Both a literature professor and a high-stakes gambler, Bennett`s debt causes him to borrow money form a loan shark and his super-rich mother. In return, he offers his own life as collateral. Soon, things start complicating when his relationship with a student deepens. Bennett must now take the ultimate risk for a second chance.