The Face Of Love
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The Face Of Love  

English Drama, Romance

1 hr 35 mins
A drama about how we cope with loss, live in the moment and ultimately move forward.
Release Date15 May, 2014
Cast & CrewRobin Williams, Ed Harris, Annette Bening
SynopsisFive years after the death of her beloved husband, Garrett (Ed Harris), Nikki (Annette Bening) meets a man who is his exact duplicate. Not only does this stranger possess the same deeply lined face and startling blue eyes, he also shares Garrett`s kindness, humor, and passion for art. And yet, he is a stranger. Romance blossoms between Nikki and this alluring doppelgnger, but she can`t bring herself to tell him the truth about what drew her to him. So she hides her photos and prevents him from meeting friends and family. Inspite of this, she can`t resist taking him to all the old haunts.