The Devil`s Hand
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The Devil`s Hand  (18+)

English Horror, Thriller

1 hr 26 mins
A spine-tingling story of satanic terror by Christiansen!
Release Date13 Nov, 2014
DirectorChristian E. Christiansen
WriterKarl Mueller
Cast & CrewRufus Sewell, Alycia Debnam Carey, Adelaide Kane
SynopsisWhen six girls are born on the sixth day of the sixth month...

The story follows a wicked prophecy that fears the small village of New Bethlehem. According to the prophecy, when six girls are born on the 6th day of the sixth month, one of the girl will become the ``Devil`s Hand`` on the eve of their 18th birthday.

It just happens! Six women in a close-knit Amish community go into labor and deliver six girls. Out of fear, one mother kills both herself and her daughter just after the birth of the baby, and the remaining five girls grow up with relative ignorance of the prophecy. As they come closer to their eighteenth birthday, their actions are constantly monitored by the community.

Soon, one by one, the girls start to disappear! What is the truth, has the horrific prophecy come true, is it a serial killer or something else? The remaining girls must now uncover the truth behind this, before the terror attacks the entire community.