The Darkest Minds
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The Darkest Minds  (TBC)

English Sci-Fi, Thriller

1 hr 40 mins
The Darkest Minds hits UAE theatres on 2nd August.
Release Date2 Aug, 2018
DirectorJennifer Yuh
WriterChad Hodge
Cast & CrewMandy Moore,Gwendoline Christie,Amandla Stenberg,Bradley Whitford
SynopsisOn her tenth birthday Ruby didn`t realize that she was one of the surviving 2% American children, the other 98% killed by a mysterious illness. Ruby and the other kids develop superpowers and are placed in government rehabilitation camps. When she turns 16, Ruby escapes the facility and meets Liam, a leader of another group of misfits that broke out. Meanwhile, there are other forces, who are determined to use Ruby for their own fight against the government.