The Boy Next Door
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The Boy Next Door  (18+)

English Thriller

1 hr 38 mins
A story of a teenage boy whose love towards an older women turns into obsession.
Release Date12 Feb, 2015
DirectorRob Cohen
WriterBarbara Curry
Cast & CrewJennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Kristin Chenoweth
SynopsisA newly separated high-school teacher gets attracted to a handsome and charming teenager. She encourages in a friendship and engages in harmless flirtation. After having spending time with the boy, she seduces him one night. However, later she tries to end this relationship, but he turns extremely violent. Their torrid affair turns into an obsessive one.

Starring the extremely hot and bootylicious Jennifer Lopez in the lead and Ryan Guzman as the obsessive teenage lover, The Boy Next Door is one horrific tale of love gone extremely wrong.