The Boxtrolls (3D)
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The Boxtrolls (3D)  (G)

English Adventure, Animation

1 hr 40 mins
A family movie to be enjoyed this season!
Release Date23 Oct, 2014
DirectorGraham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
WriterIrena Brignull
Cast & CrewBen Kingsley, Jared Harris, Nick Frost
SynopsisA family movie to be enjoyed this season! After the success of `ParaNorman` and `Coraline` (Academy Award-nominated features), it is time for some family entertainment by `The Boxtrolls`!

Based on the children`s novel `Here Be Monsters` by Alan Snow, this new 3D animated feature is a comedic fable talks about the Boxtrolls, a community (cave-dwelling trash collectors) built beneath the rich streets of Cheesebridge. The community comprises of weird creatures and oddballs, who wear recycled cardboard boxes the way turtles wear their shells.

They have raised an orphaned human boy, Eggs. Suddenly, one day, the Boxtrolls are targeted by the town`s villain Archibald Snatcher, as he plans to eradicate the group as his ticket to Cheesebridge society. Now, the young brave boy along with his secret friend from the street, plans to save his big family.