The Atticus Institute
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The Atticus Institute  (18 )

English Horror

1 hr 32 mins
Get ready for another spine-chilling weekend!
Release Date19 Feb, 2015
DirectorChris Sparling
WriterChris Sparling
Cast & CrewWilliam Mapother,Julian Acosta,Anne Betancourt
SynopsisComing from the makers of The Conjuring and Annabelle, The Atticus Institute is an independent `mockumentary` found footage horror film, based in the early 1970`s,

Dr. Henry West creates a small psychology institute in Pennsylvania to discover people with supernatural abilities. This institute later on also became home to the government-confirmed case of possessions. Judith Winstead is one of the few who comes to the facility, who exhibits supernatural and horrific abilities that the military wants to turn into a weapon.