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Tammy  (18+)

English Adventure, Comedy, Drama

1 hr 36 mins
Ride along the misadventures of Tammy!
Release Date3 Jun, 2014
DirectorBen Falcone
WriterBen Falcone, Melissa McCarthy
Cast & CrewMelissa McCarthy, Susan Sarondon, Dan Aykroyd
SynopsisThe story about a cute looking woman, whose boring life becomes highly interesting in 24 hours!

Tammy is surely having a bad day! Her car is totaled, while she gets fired from her job and on top of everything, she finds her husband cheating on her for another woman. She packs her stuff and goes back to her parents home. After getting no support from her parents, Tammy now hits the road with her grandmom, her only option with a car and cash which is then followed by a series of misadventures in this comedy-of-errors.

One epic day in a woman`s life! Have you ever experienced an adventurous day like this?