Taken 3
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Taken 3  (PG-15)

English Acting, Crime, Thriller

1 hr 49 mins
Bryan Mills is out there yet again to save his beloved!
Release Date15 Jan, 2015
DirectorOlivier Megaton
WriterLuc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen
Cast & CrewLiam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Maggie Grace
SynopsisBryan Mills, the ex-covert operative reconciles with his ex-wife. However, this reconciliation is short lived, as she is tragically murdered in unknown circumstances. When Mills is framed for the heinous crime, he goes on the run to keep himself away from the pursuit of CIA, FBI and the police. But this time around, he is forced to use his skills to track down the real killers and protect his daughter from the criminals.

Liam Neeson comes back again with Taken 3, the ultimate revenge story to save his beloved from the killers. This will be the final installment in the Taken trilogy, which have garnered a lot of appreciation from its fans around the globe.