Tafash We Arb3een Harami
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Tafash We Arb3een Harami  (G)

Arabic Comedy, Family

1 hr 30 mins
A humorous tale of mistaken identity
Release Date26 Jun, 2017
DirectorYousef Koheji
Cast & CrewAli Alghurair, Khalil Al Rumaithi, Abdulla Waleed, Ahmed Issa, Salwa Mohamed Ali
SynopsisTafash We Arb3een Harami is comedy sequel to the first film, Swalef tafash. A group of Pirates attack Tafash`s house and seemingly kidnap his aunt before sailing off. Things get haywire when the culprits realize that they have abducted the wrong woman. On the other hand, Tafash joins another pirate group to seek revenge, but with unpredictable twists and turns and unadulterated humor.
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