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Swelter  (15 )

English Action

1 hr 36 mins
A violent tale about greed and retribution.
Release Date1 Jan, 2015
DirectorKeith Parmer
WriterKeith Parmer
Cast & CrewJean-Claude Van Damme,Freya Tingley,Mindy Robinson
SynopsisTen years ago, five masked men robbed $10 million from a Las Vegas casino. However, they were all caught, except for one who was assumed dead. After serving their sentences, the four men come out of jail and set to confront their ex-partner about the stolen money. But the problem is, the ex-partner does not remember his dark past. From here starts the brutal drama of these five men and their quest to search the money.

Directed by Keith Parmer, Swelter stars Lennie James, Grant Bowler, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Josh Henderson, Daniele Favilli, and Alfred Molina in lead roles.