Song One
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Song One  (18 )

English Drama

1 hr 26 mins
A perfect drama film, dealing with a distanced brother-sister relationship.
Release Date19 Feb, 2015
DirectorKate Barker-Froyland
WriterKate Barker-Froyland
Cast & CrewAnne Hathaway,Johnny Flynn,Mary Steenburgen
SynopsisFranny Ellis returns to the New York City after a terrible accident puts her estranged musician brother, Henry into coma. In the meanwhile, she comes across James Forrester, who is Henry`s favorite musician. To revive her relationship with her brother, Franny must convince James to play at his bedside, but eventually gets involved with him.

Song One is a drama film which deals with the brother-sister relationship who are distanced, but are brought closer. This film stars Academy award winner Anne Hathaway in the lead, alongside Johnny Flynn and Ben Rosenfield.