Son Of A Gun
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Son Of A Gun  (18 )

English Action, Crime, Thriller

1 hr 48 mins
An out-and-out action film for the movie buffs!
Release Date18 Jun, 2015
DirectorJulius Avery
WriterJulius Avery
Cast & CrewAlicia Vikander,Ewan McGregor,Brenton Thwaites
SynopsisProtection comes with a heavy price! This is what Son of a Gun proves in its story.

19-year-old JR is locked up for a minor crime, thus soon realizing the harsh side of a prison life. In the prison, he comes under the scanner of Australia`s No 1 notorious criminal, Brendan Lynch who protects and nurtures him. But Lynch has some other plans; he asks JR to stage a daring prison break upon his release. After being successful in this task, Lynch invites JR to join the crew to plan a gold heist. From here, begins the cat and mouse chase that makes JR unsure of the whole plan and whom he can trust.

This action-packed crime thriller is written and directed by Julius Avery, which stars Ewan McGregor, Brenton Thwaites and Alicia Vikander in pivotal roles. Watch this movie to satisfy your action craving!